January 6, 2008

Hitting the road

We left Owen around 1 pm on the 22nd, made a quick lunch stop at the Pizza Hut in Abbotsford (Home of the Christmas Parade) and hit the road. The cold front for one of the big snow storms was moving in and we were anxious to get a head start. Though we were initially glad we escaped the snow, it got pretty foggy and visibility was really bad. At times we had to go like 45 mph on a 65 speed limit.

We stopped at Rockford for an early dinner, but the Thai restaurant we went to, was a big flop. The tofu was not fresh and for vegetable fried rice, they gave us steamed veggies with boiled rice, with not even salt in it :(, giving us no choice than to leave.

As we crossed into Illinois, it also started raining and we decided to spend the night in Bloomington. We stopped at an Indian restaurant (Puran) and finally got some good food for the day! We had gotten a Magellan GPS during Thanksgiving and today was the first time we used it extensively - to find restaurants and our motel and not get lost the very first day of the trip.
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