March 23, 2012

Missing Our Baby Girl

Its been almost 5 months since we lost our big baby girl to Lyme's disease. We still miss her day in and day out. Kalki especially misses his play mate and doesn't really want to play with other doggie friends. One consolation is that she was a brave lil girl to the very end and we had the opportunity to have a great time with her before we had to let her pass over the rainbow. 


March 19, 2012

Mandala Paintings

I am doing two more art shows in April / May and trying to get things organized in the next week before things get really crazy again. And in the last 10 days I was able to finish a few pieces and though they are not 100% done (still need to finish the sides and attach hanger), I am happy the way they turned out. Both of them have a mirror in the center. It feels like the mirror is becoming part of my signature! 

16x20 canvas with acrylic henna style Mandala

10x10 canvas with a floral henna style acrylic Mandala

March 18, 2012

A Nostalgic Dinner

These days I am hardly motivated to cook unless I am having friends over. But tonight I got into a cooking spree and made a few dishes that were unusual and something we used to long for as kids. The main dish was Paneer Fried Rice, one of the first Indo-Chinese dishes we have come to love. When I was finishing up school and starting college, these type of dishes were popular where I grew up and I loved the combination of paneer pulav with channa masala. And to add some spiciness I made the egg masala - hard boiled eggs sauteed in pepper and garam masala. To balance the dryness of the dishes I also made a side of raita with onions and boondi. A very satisfying dinner :)

Paneer Fried Rice

Chana masala

Egg masala
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