June 30, 2008

Small Town, Big events

Life in our small town (officially it is a city, with an official population of 900) has always been uneventful and ordinary. That changed officially two weeks back, when we started to have a mini-series of break-ins. First, cars parked on the Main street were broken in to and valuables stolen. Most people do not lock their cars and actually the city police put out a Crime Bulletin that was posted on the local banks, stores and the library warning people about the thefts and to lock the cars!

In what were unrelated incidents, the public library was broken in and a whole bag of DVDs were stolen. The next day, cigarettes were stolen from the food liner and a work area was also vandalized. Though the car incidents were regarded to be carried out by bored out of high-school students, the library, being a federal property as altogether a different issue. There was nothing else to talk about in the town other than these crimes. The culprit was caught within a week with all the stolen DVDs on him (?) and apparently he was not from our town (just someone staying with family in town for a while). What a sigh of relief from everyone that it is not one of our own! By the way, this is the first crime we know of in our town in the last (almost) two years.
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