July 1, 2009

Landing @ Chennai

I spent a month in India - mostly at Chennai, with one trip to Hyderabad and another to Calcutta & Gangtok. Missing my BA flight, due to the lack of a transit visa for changing planes in London, I managed to fly NorthWest, from Chicago to Amsterdam to Mumbai, and then to Chennai. Here's the landing!

Entering the city...

Race course at Guindy and the suburbs..

Touch Down! My house is on the other side of this hill...


  1. Ionderful pics. Few years ago, when i was flying over India, the air hostess mentioned that it's illegal to shoot aerial-view photos. Maybe things changed, now that google maps shows more than this

  2. Ramya, Thanks! I also wondered about that.. but since no one told me not to, I was going with it. These pictures were taken with my point and shoot, but I was also taking some later with my DSLR and there were no objections. I would have been concerned for using an "electronic" item during landing :)


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