July 23, 2009

Hot Thai Peppers

Last Summer, one of my friends from Stevens Point gave me a handful of these very hot Thai Peppers, that I turned into a very spicy Sambol. Sambol (or sometimes called sambal) is a Sri Lankan / Malay / Indonesian Condiment, also used as a side dish.

I made my Sambol by grinding together the following: Chili peppers, a few black peppers, one shallot, three cloves Garlic, cumin, coriander seeds, a small piece of ginger, one clove, a dash of cinnamon and cardamom, a few curry leaves, one teaspoon oil, a dash of sugar, and salt to taste. I stored this coarsely ground paste in the freezer, and used just a little to spice up a dish! I am waiting to find some more of these spicy peppers at the Farmer's market this year.

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