July 6, 2009

A night at the Marina Beach

Beaches are special places for me. I don't think I have ever missed an oppotunity to go stand in the waves. Growing up on the coast, Beach is right on top on the list of things I miss in Wisconsin. During this trip, I got to go to Marina Beach three times, and all my visits were when it was already dark! Having spent so much time on the beaches in Chennai, I can't recall being at the Marina late in the evening. Marina Beach, a must see place in Chennai, is an urban sandy beach, stretching for about 12 kms. These pictures were taken when I went there with my family one evening, much later than what we had planned. It was worth the delay to see the Bay of Bengal in moonlight :)


  1. These pics are awesome, never seen pics of a beach at night with the moon. Thanks for posting..

  2. Awesome pics there! Makes me wonder if its our very own Marina!


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