July 30, 2009

Raspberry Delight

I had been getting Raspberries almost every time I was at the Farmer's market in Oshkosh this year. Week one - I made a galette with them. Another week, it was the raspberry delight, inspired by The Budding Cook. This is basically a modified version of Shrikhand, with raspberries. The base was Greek Yogurt and Mascarpone cheese. The advantage of using Greek Yogurt or Lebna is that you can skip the step of straining regular yogurt. The raspberries were crushed with the yogurt mixture, and to it, I added sugar - enough to satisfy Shankar's sweet tooth, and lemon juice. I layered the bowl with the raspberry shrikand, some raspberries, topped with plain shrikand (yogurt, sugar, lemon juice, garnished with kesar pista). The dessert was finished with more raspberries and a little lemon ginger chocolate.
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