March 6, 2010

Frijoles Negros from Cuba

The Cuban classic black beans was my dinner, with some left over Zucchini pie during a busy weeknight. I adapted the recipe for this vegetarian version from Beverley Cox and Martin Jacobs' book Eating Cuban: 120 authentic recipes from the streets of Havana to American shores .

Start with slicing one capsicum and a red bell pepper. Chop one onion, two cloves of garlic. Reserve some of the onion, peppers for garnish. In a pan, add a spoon of olive oil, saute the chopped onion and garlic, add the bell peppers. Add two cans of drained and rinsed black beans. Let them cook for a few more  minutes. Take half of this mixture and blend to a puree along with a couple of pinches of cinnamon, a teaspoon on cumin/coriander powder, salt, half a teaspoon of brown sugar and a couple of teaspoons of vinegar. I used a mango balsamic vinegar that became the magic ingredient transforming the soup to absolute delish. Return this sofrito to the pan with the rest of the blackbeans and peppers and cook for a few more minutes. Add water (or stock) if needed and adjust the seasoning. Garnish and serve!
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