May 7, 2010

Cozy Corner

Here is one of my favorite picture of Nikko taken in Owen, a couple of years back. He was hiding in Shankar's sweatshirt pocket and was curious what I was up to.


  1. What a beautiful bird- a riot of colors.

    If you don't mind me asking, how did you come to acquire him (curious because I don't know many people who have birds), and does he fly around your home?

    Seeing a pet bird who is not in a cage makes me so happy.

  2. Hi Nupur! we adopted Nikko from a humane society in WI. His mom had dropped him off as she was heading back to school. We also have another conure Pepper, adopted from a bird rescue place. They are both actually caged, and their wings are clipped. When we are home the cage door is open so they can come on top to play. They do get handled quite a bit. It is not safe for a bird to be not in a cage and also they are prone to more accidents and death if they can actually fly around inside a house. Ours can glide from their cage to the floor, if they get scared by something, or jump on us.

    You can read more about them at


  3. Thanks, Bala! You are awesome for rescuing so many furry and feathery creatures.


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