December 6, 2011

Punalu'u Black Sands Beach in Hawaii

In contrast to the Green Sands Beach, the Black sands beach is very accessible and have facilities around! This is the perfect place to watch the Green Sea Turtles. We saw so many of them feeding by the tidal pools among the rocks. And you can also see them swimming. I was surprised to see them tossed around by the waves. Something I hadn't quite thought of before. That before the force of nature even the mighty turtles are not so mighty :) The black sands are basically from the weathered lava rocks. They are soft and very light. We also watched a local fish here and catch some of the species we didn't see while snorkeling. 

Vastness of black sands interspersed with the coconut and palm trees

Don't touch the turtles!

It is quite fantastic to see the turquoise and white waves against the black sands!
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