March 18, 2012

A Nostalgic Dinner

These days I am hardly motivated to cook unless I am having friends over. But tonight I got into a cooking spree and made a few dishes that were unusual and something we used to long for as kids. The main dish was Paneer Fried Rice, one of the first Indo-Chinese dishes we have come to love. When I was finishing up school and starting college, these type of dishes were popular where I grew up and I loved the combination of paneer pulav with channa masala. And to add some spiciness I made the egg masala - hard boiled eggs sauteed in pepper and garam masala. To balance the dryness of the dishes I also made a side of raita with onions and boondi. A very satisfying dinner :)

Paneer Fried Rice

Chana masala

Egg masala
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