January 19, 2008

Rock City

Rock city on the lookout mountain is a splendid place - it is what the name says, though just one man's garden and home than a city. The Garden was the best part and features a lot of native plant species. You have to walk through the Rock City to actually see the seven states.

Grand Corridor
As you walk through the trail, there are both natural rock formations and man-made arrangements. There is a 'needle's eye', and a rock in the shape of a mushroom. They also have some deer on the way in a small park, including the white fallow deer. There is a swing along bridge that takes you to the end of the trail. Lover's leap is the end, from which you can see the seven states. This place so named because, as you can guess, a couple of lovers jumped off of it, has a wonderful view, to the city below and there is a waterfall below it too.

As you walk back, the trail leads through a cavern, and there are display cases on both sides of the trail, with scenes from fairy tales. The caverns are dark, and only the gnomes are lit, so pictures are not that good inside. As you are about to exit, there is a huge display of almost all the tales from Mother Goose Rhymes. It was a little too dark in there, with the dolls lit with UV lighting and could be a little creepy.

Overall for us, it turned out to be a good hike, about 1.5 miles and was a cheerful hour.
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