January 17, 2008

Chattanooga - Lookout Mountain

The drive from Nashville to Chattanooga was a beautiful one and the day was pleasant.

We hit the city first, wanting to get some lunch. Given the day is December 24, most of the restaurants downtown were closed. We went to Genghis Grill, one of the Mongolian barbecue places, where you can pick out the ingredients you want and they grill them on a huge slab for you and you can watch them do it. Genghis Grill is different from the other such grills we have been to, in that they had like 9 different varieties of spices and more sauces. The serving size is pretty big and Shankar and I were full even with sharing a bowl.

Then we headed to the Lookout Mountain, the popular tourist place in town. It is actually located in Georgia. The Lookout Mountain has three attractions - Rock City, Ruby Falls and the Incline Railway. From the Lookout Mountain, you can also "see" seven states. We were really excited about this when we went there, but discovered that you cannot actually 'see' all the seven states. See picture below - how far can you see, even with really good binoculars / spotting scopes?

We did not have enough time to go to all the attractions, but went to Rock City and the Ruby Falls. The Incline Railway, is a train that takes you up the Lookout Mountain, and is the world's steepest railway. May be we will go to Chattanooga again to go on the Incline Railway :)
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