August 26, 2009

Another Tiger

To continue with the Tiger Time, here is one from the Milwaukee County Zoo. We went to the zoo for the first time ring our Anniversary weekend in July. We spent almost half a day at the zoo with one of our friends. We saw the tiger towards th closing of the zoo. There are more than 200 tigers in the zoos in the US, and numbers are in 1000's that are privately owned. Though the tigers themselves are probably not going to go extinct, the populations in the wild are declining at a very alarming rate. One just simply cannot highlight the role of zoos as conservation centers. One of the impressive things about the Milwaukee Zoo is that as you walk along the road, you can see the predator and its prey together. In the pen in front of the tiger were the prey. I definitely want to go to this zoo again to see the Snow Leopard, that we missed the last time.

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