August 25, 2009

First Meal @ Madison

Its been two days since we have moved into our new home in Madison. As with any move, the first few boxes that we opened helped get things in the kitchen going. I have now a wonderful gas stove - after many years with the electric range, I am so glad to get back to cooking on a gas stove. With a semi-functional kitchen, I was able to put together a good dinner last night. With Shankar packing food for a few days every week, I have been cooking a variety of food every time. Yesterday, dinner included a quick Mushroom and Tofu fry, Sauteed Cabbage - south Indian style with coconut, Kale with Moong dal, and Lime Rasam made with orange heirloom tomatoes, all served with rice. The tofu and kale were kind of bland and the cabbage and rasam were pretty hot! The week is gonna be busy with the house filled with boxes waiting to be unpacked.
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