October 25, 2009

Avocado Rice

Last night's dinner was a simple meal with Avocado Rice, Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes and Lettuce sauteed with coconut. Usually when we get avocados, they are ripe and really good for guacamole. This time, I found some Haas avocados at Trader Joe's that were not quite completely ripe, and would hold the shape when diced. I also had a couple of Poblano peppers at home and hence a Navajo type Avocado rice for dinner. The poblano peppers were sliced thinly. The avocado was diced and soaked in lemon juice. I also used half an onion and some cilantro. The onion, peppers were suateed in butter and then, I added cooked rice, some salt and some hot sauce (left over from a Thai restaurant). Then the cilantro along with the avocados were folded in and mixed well. I wasn't sure how the avocados will hold on the heat, hence I turned off the stove and just let it soften in the warmth of the rice. Served with some yogurt to offset the heat from the peppers, the rice was yummy :)

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