October 23, 2009

A First!

I love to paint on glass, and have done quite a few pieces over the years. I even sold a lot of them when I was in India. Most of what I painted so far in the US have been given as gifts to friends. I did not have the time to pull out my paints since I started teaching. But with not working this semester, I finally decided to check out the art supplies sale yesterday at one of the local bookstores. I came home with a simple easel, a few canvas boards and an acrylic paint thinner.

I have used acrylic on paper before for craft projects, but never painted on canvas. I practiced a little bit to get an idea about how the paint will be on canvas, before starting on this Ganesh.

I started on the second Ganesh, even as the first one was still drying! This is bigger, drawn on a 9x12 canvas board. I like the flesh color on this one better than the first. Though I have ways to go before I am able to comfortably blend colors and produce more shadows, I love the way this one turned out.
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