January 24, 2010

Green Papaya salad from Thailand

For today's lunch, I made salad - the first one I have ever made. I do eat salads, but I have never been a fan. I am usually picky about eating 'raw' leaves - carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and avocados are cool, but no-no to raw spinach and lettuce! Anyways, Shankar bought a green papaya from St. Louis this week, and inspired by my friend Carolyn, I decided to give this salad a try and it turned out yummy!

I shredded the green papaya and a couple of carrots in my food processor, transferred them to a bowl. Again in the processor, I blended together a clove of garlic, some scallions, mint leaves, red chili in oil, two tablespoons of peanut sauce, soy sauce, a little salt, a little brown sugar and a lot of lime juice. I tossed the dressing with the papaya & carrots and let it sit for an hour for the flavors to blend. Chopped some peanuts to garnish and it was good.
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