January 18, 2010

Someone's gotta do it!

Someone has to fill daddy in on all the things that happened since he left on Tuesday! Here is Nikko (our Jenday Conure) with his list of rants and complaints (including mom being stingy with seeds) to Shankar as soon as he stepped inside the house. Nikko doesn't even give him time to take off his jacket :)


  1. Hi,

    Nikko is a real cutie pie!
    i have 2 ringneck girls and love them to pieces
    Do you bake/make birdie goodies for Nikko and Pepper too?

  2. Hi

    Nikko is a cutie!
    i have 2 ringneck girls and i love them to pieces!
    they are full of attitude and fun to be around!
    do you make/bake birdie goodies for your birds?
    would love to see them
    my girls are crazy for brdie bread i make for them


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