February 18, 2010

Burmese Spicy Sweet Potatoes

Here is another dish from my SE Asia night: Spicy Sweet Potatoes in coconut milk. This was Shankar's favorite dish of the day, and a friend asked for the recipe! I adapted this from AsiaRecipe.

I used a pressure cooker which fastened the cooking process, but the sweet potatoes got a little mushed for my taste. Basically I sauteed one chopped onion, 2 chopped cloves of garlic, couple of red hot Thai chilies (sliced), and grated ginger till the onions were soft. Then I added some turmeric, salt and pepper, a tbsp of soy sauce and a tbsp of lemon juice. After cooking for a minute, about a cup of coconut cream and a cup of water were added. Finally sliced regular and Japanese sweet potatoes were added to this mix and I cooked it for about 3 whistles. I think it would be better to cook them in a pan till the potatoes are just tender. I used three sweet potatoes and it was good for about 9 servings.
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