February 19, 2010

Pepper & Crocheting

After a long break, I went back to work on my Afghan a little bit yesterday afternoon. This is a project in the making for a while, since I learned how to Crochet. One of my friend's mom taught me the skill during 2002 Christmas break. I have however failed to produce much albeit starting on a few projects, including this Afghan. Anyways, yesterday Pepper decided that I was having way too much fun with all the yarn and the pretty Afghan (yes, it is a rippled 3-color Afghan being made with really good yarn and is pretty). Hence she climbed down from her cage, on to the sofa, took a closer look at what I had and jumped right in. She was not very happy when I chased her back on the cage. She would go back, tear up some paper and in a couple of minutes be right back to play with the yarn. And I would have totally let her have some fun, if not for her sharp beak that cuts the yarn. I am sure she had shredding on her mind too!

The low quality pics are from my iphone :(
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