March 3, 2010

M'chicha - Tanzanian Spinach & Peanut Curry

Here is my first contribution ever to a blogging event - Blog Bites #1: Cookers by Nupur of One Hot Stove. I was initially tempted to send in my Mualle or the Spicy Sweet Potatoes for this event, but I didn't use another blog for their recipe. One more country ticked off too, for my Cooking the World during African Dinner night :)

Back in St. Louis, I had to make do with the big pressure cooker Shankar has here, and cook for three people. Nonetheless, the dish turned out really good and was our friend Karthik's favorite from last evening. It took about 5 minutes of prep time and 10 minutes for cooking ~ all I had to do was throw in all the ingredients in the cooker! I am an avid user of pressure cookers, having 3 of them in Madison, and this one in St. Louis.

Here is how I made the M'chicha: Chop one red onion, two tomatoes, a bag of spinach and add them to the pressure cooker. Add a cup of raw blanched peanuts. Alternately you can use peanut butter, but the crunchiness from the peanuts was what made this dish a highlight of the evening. Add a small can of coconut milk, salt according to taste and three tablespoons of curry powder. Add one cup of water or less depending on how you want to eat it (with rice, bread or a stew). Mix everything together, pop the cooker on the stove and cook for 3 whistles. I am sure I will be making variations of this dish quite a bit!

This recipe is adapted from Ambika's Kitchen, though she did not use a pressure cooker.
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