May 26, 2010

Russian Mushroom & Potato Soup

A very simple Russian peasant soup made with mushrooms and potatoes was a big part of today's dinner. I used the recipe from The Russian Heritage Cookbook by Lynn Visson for inspiration and adapted it to the ingredients I had. 

Basically, I sautéed chopped Morel mushrooms and portabella mushrooms in olive oil & butter. When the mushrooms were cooking, I also added a small chopped onion. In another pan, I heated about 4 cups of water and added 1/2 cup of rice. Once the onions turned soft, I added the mushrooms and a chopped red potato to the boiling rice. Seasoned with salt and pepper, and let it cook till the rice and potatoes were done. Served with a dollop of yogurt. The soup was very earthy and the meaty texture from the mushrooms made it delicious. 

I am sending this recipe to A.W.E.D. Russian hosted by RV, started by DK of Chef in You.
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