January 2, 2011

Foodie 2010 & Making Yogurt at Home

Foodwise, 2010 was an awesome year. I challenged myself to cook dishes from all the countries in the world. Though I haven't completed it, I am very happy to have covered 90 countries and made at least one vegetarian dish from these countries. It has been quite an adventure! We also had a wonderful time indulging in a lot of food when we were in France last summer. Three trips to India in one year also meant a lot of eating out and checking out some great restaurants in addition to all the home made delish dishes. I started participating in the Daring Bakers challenges, albeit not being a regular. Despite living in WI for the last 4 years, we made it to Muscada for the Morel Mushroom Festival. We also had a small garden which produced a lot of fresh veggies, that we were able to share. I have also managed to keep the blog alive and participated in a few cooking events online. And it was great to have friends come over and try any & all of the dishes I make :)

The last bit of highlight is perfecting the art of making yogurt at home in the WI winter without a yogurt maker. I use a heating pad and a couple of layers to keep the milk warm as the little microbes do their work. As much as it is a simple process, the pleasure of providing the optimal conditions for micro organisms is definitely an achievement! My starter culture is from an Indian restaurant in St. Louis and as they have been propagating their culture for a while, I haven't had issues in starting out from left over yogurt. 

Happy New Year 2011 everyone! Hope this year is also an adventure in food :)
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