February 27, 2012

Mandala Painting

I finished this henna style acrylic mandala painting on 24x24 wooden panel today. As my month long art show at Mother Fool's coffee house in Madison is wrapping up (last day is 3/1), I am excited to start some new projects. I have sold 6 paintings so far from this show and three of the pieces were really popular! As everything else in life is kind of roller-coaster crazy for the last few months, painting has been very therapeutic and seems to be the only thing to keep my mind occupied without getting distracted. All the paintings in the show are listed on Art by Bala and will be available for sale on March 1st. Affordable original art supporting the community :)


  1. Gosh Bala I LOVE your work!!! Kudos to you for using your talent to raise funds for a good cause.

    I'll be buying your art sometime this year- we might have a move soon so waiting to know more before I do.

  2. Thanks Nupur! I look forward to making something special for you guys. Congrats on the move & I guess new positions to go with?



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