March 25, 2013

Mtedza - Peanut puffs from Malawi

Tonight was African Night at home. I made a peanut - calabaza squash stew and mbatata (Sweet potato cookies) and mtedza - these delicious & nutritious cookies made with peanuts. I adapted the recipe from here and used almond meal in addition to the peanuts and also some candied ginger! I used very less butter and added a little milk to bring the dough together. Checking Malawi off my list and Snacks for the rest of the week :)

Ingredients (For 16 cookies):  Whole Wheat Flour - 1/2 cups; Peanuts - roasted, 1 cup; Almond Meal - 1/4 cup; Sugar - 1/4 cup; Butter - 2 tbsp; Vanilla - 1/4 tsp; Salt - dash; Candied ginger - chopped, 1/4 cup; Milk - 1 tbsp. 
  • Pre-heat the oven to 350F
  • In a pan, I roasted the peanuts, as I had raw ones at home.
  • In the food processor add the roasted peanuts with the sugar and pulse till peanuts are chopped. 
  • Add the rest of the ingredients except milk and pulse.
  • Add the milk and mix a little till the dough comes together.
  • Shape into small ball, flatten a little, and put them evenly spaced on a cookie sheet
  • Bake till golden (15 - 20 minutes)! 
  • These can be dusted with icing sugar if needed. 
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