January 13, 2008

Nashville Parthenon

On the third day of our Road trip to the South, We started nice and early, with Pastries for breakfast from La Provence, a bakery near Vanderbilt, and their coffee was really good. We headed to the Parthenon, located in the Centennial Park. It is a full scale replica of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

We were unable to go inside and see the 42 feet statue of Athena, as the Parthenon is closed from Dec 22-25. Though we were a little disappointed, we were glad we at least got to see the building and hang around there.
Apart from taking a load of pictures, we played with Amy for a while and she was the happiest dog that morning! For more on what Amy did on our vacation, visit our pet blog - One Dog and Two Birds.

Our next stop is - Chattanooga, Tennessee.
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