February 24, 2011

Mushroom Stew from Moldova

This simple stew, called Tokana, was adapted from one of my favorite food blogs: AZ Cookbook, and was originally from the book: Please to the Table: the Russian Cookbook. When I made this stew, it turned out to be one of the dishes that makes you want to lick your fingers and ask for more! I served this as a side with a vegetarian Bobotie, and it was wonderful.

Ingredients: Button mushrooms - quartered; 1 red onion - chopped; 2 tomatoes chopped; 2 cloves of garlic - minced; 1/2 cup white wine; a pinch of dried herbs; lemon juice; flour; salt & pepper; cayenne pepper or paprika, mint for garnish.
  • Saute the mushrooms in olive oil, transfer to a bowl and sprinkle with lemon juice. Be generous, as the citrusy acidity makes the difference.
  • Saute the onions and add the garlic, tomatoes. Season with salt, pepper, chili powder for spiciness, dried herbs. Cook for a few minutes.
  • Add 2 tbsp of flour and the wine. Let the sauce thicken. 
  • Add the mushrooms, adjust seasoning and simmer for a few minutes. 
  • Garnish and serve!
Though it sounds like any other stew or curry on first glance, the mushrooms soaked in lemon juice were too good! A keeper recipe :)
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