July 24, 2011

From the Farmer's Market

Here are the spoils from this week's farmer's market. New this week: Blueberries, Door County Cherries, cinnamon bread, asiago cheese bagels and Corn. Produce from last week's market were turned into delicious food mostly by my mom last week. I managed to sneak in one dish from Burundi during the week. And from this week's produce, my mom has already made a wonderful Carrot with onions Sambar, an eggplant saute to go with it, a spinach and beans stew; I used some of the tomatoes in making a chole last night, the fingerling potatoes were roasted in a mixture of spices, and the blueberries went into puff pastry turnovers. Shankar has requested kale chips and I want to make a mushroom & potato soup. Another week of healthy eating!

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